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MG GOST: Waking Walk LP + win JAZZ SPASTIKS ‘Unkut Fresh’ Instrumentals (2015)

Waking Walk MG GostIf you caught the lush, jazzy boom-bap of MG Gost‘s recent free maxi single Dream Chaser featuring Jack Jones (a.k.a Audessey of Soundsci) then you’ll no doubt be fiending for more. Happy the reader of this post then, if they are someone the previous sentence describes since MG Gost’s Waking Walk LP is out at the end of the month. Naturally it contains the aforementioned single (and the two accompanying remixes) along with nine other tracks whereon you’ll find the likes of Tableek, Thesaurus Rex, G-Force, MC Seek, Baba Israel, Cadence, V’Zion and Tony Diggs. All in that dreamy, mid-nineties, weed-powered beats style…did someone say Artifacts and early Blackalicious?

Of course, if you’re the sort of person who likes such goodness, you’ll probably dig the Unkut Fresh LP from Gost’s labelmates Jazz Spastiks & Rebels To The Grain and be gagging to get your hands on – say – the instros of that. If the idea of having both Gost’s Waking Walk LP and getting those Spastiks instros for free appeals, you could always pre-order the former and get yourself entered for the chance of winning the latter – HERE. Gahhh! But what if you already pre-ordered?! Panic not for thou shalt still be entered. Dusty Platter have spoken.
(Shipping on/around 25 May on Dusty Platter)

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