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METHOD MAN feat. HANZ ON & STREETLIFE: ‘The Meth Lab’ video (2015)

The Meth Lab - Method ManMethod Man has cooked up The Meth Lab by way of a heads up for the new LP due in August and spends the entire video breaking bad (or perhaps that should be rapping good) over an ominous slab of moody boom-bap. “A black man rapping while posing as a narcotics manufacturer?! Good god! He’s glorifying drugs.” Yeah alright Mr Uptight – maybe he’s in character. Perhaps he’s imagining how the poor man might consider getting a slice of the billions he sees the one per cent making off with daily. “But two wrongs don’t make a right!” Yeah, but nobody’s doing anything about the first wrong. On the other hand, what to make of the women that surround him? Not the gurning, toothless, junkies you might expect lurking around a meth-lab but rather bikini-clad beauties. And Wu can possibly explain that?

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