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MESTIZO BEAT: She’s A Rose b/w Lotsapoppa (Vinyl 7″)

L.A.s Mestizo Beat return shortly with a very funky seven inch indeed. Side A is She’s A Rose which looks to Johnny Pate’s Shaft in Africa and Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street scores for blaxploitation inspiration. Opening with a solo wah-wah guitar intro, things soon give way to dense flute and sax-led orchestration powered by the funkiest of drumming. So far, so dope but the monkey’s not sure the B-side doesn’t take things up a notch on Lotsapoppa – named after Charles Manson victim (and survivor) Bernard ‘Lotsapopper’ Crowe and delivering positively pneumatic tropical funky disco sounds. Yes please!
(Out 23 February on F-Spot Records)

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