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MENAHAN STREET BAND: The Crossing (2012) free download

Billed in the PR as “music to an unreleased Sergio Leone western starring the Wu Tang set in 1992”, The Crossing is the new one from Daptone Records’ mighty soul instrumentalists Menahan Street Band. Pedants might point out that Leone actually died in 1989 three years before the Wu-Tang’s first release to which the correct response is, “What? Are you some kind of cunt?” Anyway, given the fact that the RZA’s now gone into film direction and Tarantino’s about to inaugurate the funky film score for westerns idea with the forthcoming Django reboot, something along those lines isn’t beyond the realms of likelihood. Minus Leone, since he’s dead, obviously. And if such a flick were to be made – based on, say Cormac McCarthy’s latterday Tex/Mex-set western novel The Crossing (which I’d lay odds on the band nicked the title from) – there’d be every reason for them to employ an atmospheric slice of original dope such as this to score it with. The Crossing is the title track on the forthcoming second Menahan LP due 30 October this year. Cop your free DL of the track over at Rolling Stone HERE, preview it below and have a Brucie bonus video of Make The Road By Walking off their last LP which was sampled by none other than Jay Z for Roc Boys below that…

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