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MEN OF NORTH COUNTRY: Magic (Markey Funk Time Warp remix)(2014)

Magic Time Warp remix Men Of North Country Markey FunkSixties rnb anthem Magic by Men Of North Country, gets heavily spiked with acid then. “I’ll die with my desert boots on”? ‘I’ll die with a kaftan and purple bell bottoms on more like’. Moving in like a freeloading hippy squatter, DJ Markey Funk junks most of MONC’s tight brass and all the original drums straight away because attachment to musical furniture is, like, just another way the man controls you, right? Having created space he moves in a more sinuous breakbeat to writhe around among the spacey echoes and now ominous horns. Order the 7″ of the original (bottom player below) and you can turn on, tune in and drop out for free while the limited remix download cards exist…

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