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MC RYT: Cheer Song (Prod. DJAR ONE – cuts KESTA)(Ltd. Vinyl 7″) + video

MC RYT:  Cheer Song New from Djar One’s Beats House label is latest vinyl 7″ Cheer Song featuring Japanese MC RYT of the Serpat crew. I don’t know what he’s saying, and the French lyric video isn’t much use for someone with only GCSE French (even if that was augmented recently by watching all 8 series of The Spiral a.k.a. Engrenages) but the energy on this is infectious and I reckon B-boys and girls will be all over it – as usual with any Djar One production – while Kesta’s cuts only provide additional energy. Flip it over and it’s all about Let Me Wander (again with Kesta on the cut), a somewhat slower affair, but nonetheless phat. This track, incidentally, is the title track of the MC RYT LP off which both tracks are lifted.
(Out 22 April on Beats House Records)

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