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MC LYTE & BREAKESTRA: Posed To Understand (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash)(2013) Free download

They’re at it again. Steely Chan grab MC Lyte’s classic old school crackhead boyfriend rhyme I Cram To Understand U in one hand and Breakestra’s Posed To Be instro in the other and snap them together like Lego bricks. It seems the boys were a little concerned that the intricacies of Lyte’s rhymes might have got lost amongst the hypnotic funk stylings of Breakestra however. Skilled bootleggers as they undoubtedly are (as this cut proves once again) what SC clearly lack is a little ‘art bollocks’ to fend off any criticism that, in this blend, the sonics obscure the lyrics. Not a problem. Indeed, I put it to you, that, far from obfuscating Lyte’s narrative, the juxtaposition of the two elements here serves to encapsulate the entropic intrusion of crack addiction into domestic normality. A sonic metaphor, if you will…

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