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MC JUICE:  UnseenOne treat that landed on the digital doormat today was news of the latest drop from Bankrupt Europeans’ Nobody Buys Records i.e. Unseen – another big-ass 45 collab. between Bankrupt Euros and the legend that is Chicago’s MC JUICE – a follow-up of sorts to last year’s Where You Go. Surely not the MC JUICE that Eminem didn’t mind losing a rap battle to at Cinncinati’s 1997 Scribble Jam Festival because JUICE was, “a great fucking rapper”? The very same. Did someone say bars? More than Alcatraz and every bit as strong! On this one, the Euros strip things right back to a soundscape of fat drums, ominous bassline, a ripple of what might be a harp in the background and a scratch outro from DJ Grazzhopper. Which of course puts our man’s mic manipulation to the fore – go get ’em Holmes! What’s that? “You all hear what I just said?/ I mean these other dudes only spit blanks, I spit lead” Damn straight !  They better be ducking, right? What else you got for ’em JUICE? I do hope your rivals haven’t been messing with streaming platforms for example.  They have? Oh dear – what’s your stance on that? “You’re Spotify awful, I cain’t get nothing great/ Your titles don’t load up, you cain’t do nothing straight/ The Apple in your music well, it’s straight been fucking ate.”   Well, quite. Comes in camo splatter wax and straight black but only 199 copies of the former and 99 of the latter. Don’t sleep!
(Out 23 September on Nobody Buys Records)
TEXT COPYRIGHT: Stone Monkey/ (2021)

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