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MC ADAD: ‘PS…I’m Next’ mixtape promo video (2011)

MC ADaD provides further proof, as if it were needed, that hip-hop is alive and well in 2011 with this promo for his forthcoming mixtape P.S…I’m Next due in September and featuring production from (among others) Waajeed, Exile, Illmind, Tensei, Ta-Ku (Australia), and ADaD himself. Featuring the Tensei-produced track It’s Mine, the vid depicts the aforementioned emcee being cruelly awoken from his peaceful rapper slumber by a phonecall from some inconsiderate record company type moaning on about AdaD’s lack of mixtape. Stoically rising from bed, our already–dressed hero rubs his eyes and…dons his slippers. Hip-hop! Then he steps up to his bedroom studio and spits fire into the mic. All Natural Inc. strikes again! Look out for limited 7” U N Me soon…

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