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An artist since his schooldays, John Dimery says he’s constantly inspired by things happening around him and ideas for artwork occur to him all the time which he has to write down or do a rough sketch immediately in case he forgets them. The downside to this is that his life is cluttered by hasty sketches on bits of paper. Highly versatile, Dimery is as apt to sculpt as he is to paint or draw, and as likely to do ‘straight’ book illustration as to knock up a canvas. Previous projects have included illustrations for Cornwall Today magazine, designing an insole for a skate shoe, and painting skateboards. He is starting to prepare for an exhibition to go on show in Cornwall in 2010 and ‘stuff’ for an art/ skate magazine to drop at about the same time. He listens to Band Of Horses, The Sea And Cake, Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Sonic Youth (before a skate), and Metallica (whilst cooking). He quite fancies having a bit more time to paint and sculpt and skate or surf when he’s not doing that but he hasn’t worked out how he’s going to fit it all in.

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