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MAX RUBADUB & GENERAL TRIX: Sweet Like You (2014)

Sweet Like You Max Rubadub General TrixIs it Max Rubadub featuring General Trix or General Trix featuring Max Rubadub. Or General Trix and Max Rubadub. Or Max Rubadub and General Trix come to that. I dunno. The promo player suggests the first, the artwork suggests the second, Juno suggest the third and Max Rubadub’s soundcloud suggests the last. One thing is certain, Sweet Like You‘s lively tribute to Trix’s missus is a sweet digi-reggae bump. Remixes come in dancehall and two very different dnb flavours (from Weedy G, Krak In Dub and Dirty Dubsters respectively) and the package also includes the ‘pella and the instro. The label predicts imminent mash-up action. I think they might be right…
(Out now on Irish Moss Records)

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