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MASSEVIL: Welcome To Eccentric City EP (2014) + Shake That Booty video

Welcome To Eccentric City MassevilThis is precisely what happens when you leave MassEvil unchecked. No, not a pro-UKIP calypso by that sanctimonious prick Mike Read – (that’s the consequence of leaving ‘mass evil’ unchecked) I’m on about the Welcome To Eccentric City EP – and it’s a downright nasty place. I imagine Radical Mixtape‘s latest discovery to be an immense black creature lurking at the centre of a vast web of interconnected laptops and surrounded by a barrage of speakers from which emanate a shining black ooze and the sounds of chopped-up glitchy rock, funk and orchestral samples, crunching percussion, and really fucked-up synth wobble-bass warfare that were formerly only the preserve of the likes of Cadien and DJ Alias. Players below plus watch J-Lo’s still fine 45 year old booty on the vid to Shake That Booty. You’ll be mesmerized by the size of it…
(Out now on Radical Mixtape)

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