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MARTA REN & THE GROOVELVETS: So Long (2016) + video

so-long-marta-ren-groovelvetsNext up in the way of a single from Marta Ren & The Groovelvets is the noirish pomp of torch song So Long and judging by all the swearing it seems that soul hurricane Marta’s a bit upset. What could the matter possibly be? Well, a number of things it seems, though when she finally gets around to mentioning a former lover who left her, you suspect he’s probably the root cause. But how to visually represent the anger at having been dumped by the no-good, rotten, son-of-a-bitch? Maybe Marta filmed in symbolic heavy shadow? And what about a rolling backdrop of images of destruction – trees falling and some explosions? Yes, that’ll teach the bastard.
(Out now on Record Kicks)

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