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MARTA REN: 22:22

MARTA REN:  22:22It’s rock n soul time from Portuguese soul sister Marta Ren as she returns to take herself outside and have a word with herself on 22:22. What? Yep, Ren says 22 is “a number that pursues me and this song is about me having a conversation with myself when I was 22, a milestone year for me. At the same time I am also speaking to any girl who relates.” Cue three-plus minutes of horns, heavy, syncopated drums and (when the occasion demands it, as on the hook), a dash of rock riffage – all dedicated to girls that no-one listens to, or perhaps to girls who don’t listen to anyone else, or maybe both since there seems to be a bit of having cake and eating it lyrically. Thank god there’s no pandering to high maintenance female stereotypes. The track is lifted from Ren’s forthcoming studio LP slated for a 2021 release on Record Kicks.
(Out now on Record Kicks)

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