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MARC HYPE & JIM DUNLOOP: Dusty Donuts 4 (2015)

Dusty Donuts 4 Marc Hype Jim Dunloop[RATING: 5] Fresh wax is always a pleasure to receive through the post so you can imagine the monkey’s delight to see Dusty Donuts 4 (plus its immediate predecessor featuring classy Jim Sharp edits of The Trammps and Common) lying on the doormat. DD4 finds Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop (not their real names one suspects) making a wild style, full-floor-guaranteed Antique Anthem with their beefed-up rerub of Double Trouble’s Double Trouble At The Amphitheatre and getting sleazier on the flip with Make Your Move. This was released a month ago and incredibly hasn’t sold out yet – which means you might still get a copy. If you get your skates on. Don’t sleep.
(Out now on Dusty Donuts)

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