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MANOSJMT: Mulatu (Manolatu)

MANOSJMT:  Mulatu (Manolatu)With new freebie Mulatu (Manolatu), Greek producer ManosJMT chops and loops where Nas and Damien Marley once also dared to sample, amongst the back catalogue of Mulatu ‘the father of Ethio-jazz’ Astatke. But where Nas and Marley pathetically used just the one track, Yegelle Tezeta, ManosJMT loves Astatke so much he’s stitched a mutant afro-jazz-hop lope together from that track along with bits of Yekermo Sew, Yekatit and Green Africa as well as using the actual voice of Astatke on the intro and subtitling it with the portmanteau name ‘Manolatu’. Man, that’s a lot of love – visions of Alan Partridge’s ‘Number one fan’ abound. Cop it below…

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