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MAKO & THE HAWK: Spacing Rasco – Free Download

(PRESS RELEASE) Is it a mash-up or is it a remix? Are these really two distinct concepts anyway? Mako and The Hawk couldn’t give a monkey’s! Shamelessly stealing Rasco’s vocals from Parker’s ‘Bristol bass’ hit Western Soul, they craftily weld the Cali Agent MC onto a new beat made from an obscure funk 45 dug up by Mako. In doing so they spawn a hip-hop monster! Spacing Rasco begins with a fanfare as it rumbles into earshot, Rasco materialises atop a bar or two of an electro beat to incite the crowd and then he must leap (at some risk to his own personal safety) astride a mighty funk break which steps in the arena and lays waste to all before it. ‘Ave some of that!

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