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MAKO & THE HAWK: Shut Up And Give It Up – Free download

(PRESS RELEASE) The second mash-up from these two, this is a project from which Mako has tried to distance himself, claiming that with Shut Up And Give It Up the Hawk was trying to ‘house’ him and that it sounds nothing like the “create something a bit like Rapper’s Delight” idea they had originally mooted. Despite this, the Hawk persists with the flimsy argument that Mako’s suggestion to, ‘put in some extra kick drums’ constitutes a significant contribution to the production process. Whatever the truth, this unholy marriage of Public Enemy and The Ting Tings will have so many hands in the air in the coming months that it should boost deodorant sales exponentially, with knock-on economic effects that might ultimately lift the UK from the current recession. Hurrah!

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