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LUCHITO & NESTOR: Ain’t Nothing But A Boogaloo Party/ Fiesta Bugalú (Vinyl 7″)

It ain’t nothing but a boogaloo party round at Original Gravity Mansions right now what with the new Luchito & Nestor 45 – er – Ain’t Nothing But A Booglaoo Party. That’s right, a Latin funk cover of The Showstoppers 1967 northern soul banger Aint’ Nothing But A House Party. Guaranteed hands in the air action – not to mention shagging in your parents’ bed, pissing in the steam iron and the neighbours calling the police to wrap shit up in the small hours before you’re grounded for a month, joven! Dope! What’s on the flip? Why, that’ll be Fiesta Bugalú – a more minimal but no less dope Latin funk affair. Cosas calientes!
(Out now on Original Gravity)

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