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LOOPEZ: MooR (2015)

Moor LoopezUruguayan producer Loopez returns for the new year with his latest effort, the six-track mini LP Moor. Or more accurately, MooR, with a capital ‘R’. You might be forgiven for thinking with a name like, ‘Moor’ (and with Loopez’s past production history) that this would be all about North African-influenced breaks or something. But you’d be wrong. It’s a collection of tracks (he says) which were produced at the beach during the past few years to convey the “feel of Uruguay’s far east” through the different seasons. And if this is anything to go by then the “feel of Uruguay’s far east” has got a lot in common with the sound of Jamaica and the beaches of Montevideo must throb along to ceaseless dub reggae from dusk til dawn and then right through again from dawn til dusk. Interestingly,the enlightened Uruguayan government legalised weed a couple of years ago. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though…
(Available now at a ‘no minimum’ name your price HERE)

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