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LONGDISTANCEDAN: Sun Filled Skylines

It might be that shortest day/ longest night time of year but LongDistanceDan is back with an EP full of Sun Filled Skylines – probably because he made this new collection of lo-fi instrumental beats in the summer’s blistering heatwave when even the effort of wafting a paper fan in front of your face resulted in being drenched in sweat. Proceedings commence with the appropriately sedate Midday Sun and its blissful synth chords after which come the more complex polyrhythms of Floating, this time with watery sound effects amid the electronica. Low Tide returns things to a lower tempo and a sparser musical arrangement that one could well imagine accompanying time lapse footage of tidal pools drying up in BBC archive footage – nodding as it does to synth-based library music. Best of all though is closer Concrete Haze on which a funky drum break and throbbing bass eventually allow in a captivating synth bell topline.
(Out now on Dusted Industries)

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