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LONE NINJA feat. HOLOCAUST & PRO THE LEADER: Cyborg Ninjas (Prod. ANTHAI) (2016)

Cyborg Ninjas Lone NinjaThe dark future currently so vogue-ish in the hip-hop underground manifests itself again here as Lone Ninja heads forward in time to combat problems caused by the total collapse of civilisation and global plague. Happily he’s not actually alone this time but in the company of homies Pro The Leader and the aptly-named Holocaust. Just as well really since they face all manner of horrors including Cyborg Ninjas. Rest assured plenty of lyrical death is meted out while producer Anthai ensures a tense beat breathes down the necks of our heroes like a hulking steel skeleton with glowing red lights for eyes…The first single off forthcoming Lone Ninja Album Day Of Reckoning, this marks a welcome return for one of the most distinctive voices of the contemporary underground.
(Out now HERE)

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