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LONE NINJA feat. CONWAY THE MACHINE: Crime Wave (prod. BLAQ MASQ)(2017)

LONE NINJA feat. CONWAY THE MACHINE:  Crime Wave (prod. BLAQ MASQ)The Day Of Reckoning is coming. No, not that one you fools! Lone Ninja’s new LP Day Of Reckoning. And to whet your appetite, here is the latest leak from it – Crime Wave – featuring a melancholy piano-led beat from Blaq Masq and a first verse from Conway The Machine at his most heartless. Well, he is called the ‘Machine’. Sounds like the sort of time you might need a ninja around. A Lone Ninja preferably. But what’s this? “You chain the door ‘fraid and all scared/ Why you’re ass should be spared? Stuck the knife in ribs/ Like I actually cared? Fuck your wife and kids!” Blimey. Well, I suppose ninja are trained to be merciless killers for hire aren’t they? But hold on – maybe the man behind one of the most distinctive voices in underground hip-hop has merely adopted an evil persona for the purposes of social commentary? And if that’s not enough to wrestle with mentally, check out the mask-wearing Brooklyn mic manipulator’s appearance on Kure’s Deadly Assassins cut alongside Kinetic 9. Vids below.

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