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LIVING COLOUR: Plastic People (Vinyl 7″)

LIVING COLOUR: Plastic People (Vinyl 7And now for a Living Colour 45. Yay – dreads, loud 80s funk rock riffs and dayglow cycling lycra – what could possibly go wrong? No, not that Living Colour. This is all about Tony Kalangis’ band not Vernon Reid’s. Kalangis’ outfit being a seventies funk crew who were not averse to knocking out chugging clavinet n horns-driven business such as Plastic People – now given a welcome 7″ repress by the good people over at Rocafort Records. Not just welcome because it delivers solid seventies funk groovin’ you understand but because even a ‘good’ second hand copy (i.e. less than VG-, i.e. the hiss is louder than the song) will set you back the best part of two hundred squid. Don’t suppose there’s any chance of the instro on the b-side just like the original Sophisticated Funk (Kalangis’ own label) pressing? There is? Happy days.
(Out now on Rocafort Records)

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