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LIQUID BEAT RECORDS presents: Boombap Riddims (2014) Free download

You know how virtually everything now is underscored by some hideous Guetta-alike beat whether it be house, hip-hop, pop-rock or whatever? Well back in the nineties it was the boom-bap beat that was ubiquitous – you know – kick, kick, snare, kicka-kicka, kick, snare and provided the sonic platform for…wait…is that…a dancehall vocal? Damn straight! Hip-hop/reggae hybrids weren’t invented yesterday you know! Fu Schnickens, Unity 2, Asher D & Daddy Freddy – they were all at it back in the day. Anyway – Liquid BeatsMatt Nelkin is on hand to bring you (or rather bring you again – this was first released in 2010) in free digital format his fifty one minute Boombap Riddims mix containing 90s classics, dope obscurities and exclusive mash-ups courtesy of…one Matt Nelkin. Also comes with four select individual tracks from the mix. It’s all about that ‘symphonic’ Situation featuring Lady Lee vs. Nubian Crackers. Whatever would Marley Marl say? Cop it all below…

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