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LEXSOUL: Pigeon Pit

LEXSOUL:  Pigeon PitDo you hanker for those now mythical 80s summers when as far as the pop charts were concerned, music had more or less died and its replacement was sunning itself aboard the cabin roof of some ridiculously coiffeured, coke-snorting proto yuppie’s catamaran? If so, Lexsoul (a.k.a. Estonian funk commandos Lexsoul Dancemachine) have sorted you right out with Pigeon Pit – a backwards-gazing ‘yacht soul’ slow jam that wears a billowy, untucked silk shirt exposing too much chest hair and a medallion over a too-snug pair of Speedos! Cue yearning falsetto singing, wafty 80s synthesizer riffs and slo-mo percussion. Tongues so firmly in cheeks they’re nearly poking through, these boys know how to do irony. At least I think they do. This is irony, right? Also, has anyone seen Charlie?
(Out now on Funk Embassy Records)

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