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LEXSOUL DANCEMACHINE: Nu Reality ‘Six-headed Estonian groove monster’, Lexsoul Dancemachine is back with new single – er – Nu Reality. And if you caught them a couple of years ago when they barrelled in from left of field with debut LP Deus Ex Machina or the follow-up Sunny Holiday In Lexico, you’ll know they mean business both in the studio, where they’re tighter than a gnat’s chuff, or live, where the tightness slips not a micron. Nu Reality is an uptempo funky disco stomp and the first single to be released from their hotly-anticipated third LP, Lexplosion II, due in May. But how to represent such musical antics via the audio-visual medium? Picture a sleepy Estonian roadside hangout. Before it loiter a bunch of aging ne’er do wells in cheap shellsuits – clearly the lower echelons of the local mob. Then our heroes arrive in a combi-van, all decked out in matching brown velour tracksuits (no really) and proceed to mug-off the ne’er do wells, ‘accidentally’ shoulder bumping them, and stealing their beer. It’s all set to kick off, and so it does, old school Bronx style by way of a breakdance-off. Our boys have got the moves but hot damn, the local mob’s are even better. Five minutes later, the mob have rinsed the boys on the cardboard mat, taken their velour tracksuits and van and we’ve all learned something about showing respect to our elders. Especially when they aren’t really the local mob but the United Old School Crew a.k.a. the first wave of breakdancers in the USSR who started way back in ’86 in Soviet Estonia and Latvia…
(Out 6 March on Funk Embassy Records)

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