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LEXSOUL DANCEMACHINE: Feriado Tropical (Vinyl 7″) (2017)

LEXSOUL DANCEMACHINE:  Feriado Tropical 7Feriado Tropical? Tropical Holiday? Sounds nice – who doesn’t want one of those? But what if you could have a tropical holiday on seven inch wax? I know! And that’s precisely what you’ll be able to cop from Estonian funk juggernaut Lexsoul Dancemachine come this autumn. How do you like them coconuts? Coincidentally, Coconuts – their equally tropically-flavoured single from last year – is precisely what you’ll find on the flip. But where that was all frantic Funky Nassau-type percussion and vibraphone stylings, Feriado Tropical arrives with the slap bass rumble of a Caribbean earthquake during a hurricane. Now there’s something to write a postcard home about.
(Out now on digital HERE/ 7″ arrives autumn)

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