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LES DYNAMITES: Pop Oud#2 b/w No Oud (RADIO TRIP dub mix)

Oud Les Dynamites Radio Trip[RATING: 5] There’s a massive treat for fans of funky psychedelia right here on Les Dynamites’ new vinyl 7″ Pop Oud#2, especially if you like your grooves full of eastern promise. The track foregrounds the instrument of the title over an uptempo funky drum break and a parping bassline resulting in something that brings things get about as close as they can get to psych-funky take on Dick Dale’s Misirlou on the far side of the Med. Maravi-lou? Mizrahi-Lou? Either way, this one’s got plenty of sauce as the band pays homage to 70s cut Neimat Pop Oud by Lehakat Tzliley Ha’oud. On the flip, Radio Trip ditch the oud (the clue’s in the name No Oud!), slow things right down and accentuate the bass into a throbbing stoner groove. Yes, you will have some of that – best be quick though – it’s not hanging around.
(Out 4 March on Batov Records)

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