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LEISURE ALLSTARS feat. Lady Chann: ‘Friday Night’ remixes by Tom Central & El-Jay

So good they didn’t just let Mr Benn get his hands on it. Yes, the massive hip-hop/ dancehall banger from the summer featuring the vocals of dancehall queen Lady Chann gets a couple more re-rubs from Tom Central (hip-hop meets dubstep territory) and El Jay (dubstep meet DnB territory) – both respectable enough but still both ten-thirty to Mr Benn’s it’s-four-in-the-morning-and-I-ain’t-even-close-to-stopping rude-skanking ‘Saturday Morning retox.’ Talking of rude – these aren’t available on wax any more than the original release. Anyone want to sponsor my purchase of Serato? The Rane Corp. perhaps? Press guff below links…
(Out November on Leisure Recordings)
Listen to Leisure Allstars – Friday Night – The remixes – TO FOLLOW
(PRESS RELEASE) ‘Friday Night – Remixed’ is part 2 of the latest release from Bristol’s Leisure Allstars.

The original is a ruff an’ tuff, bassbin-worrying, rootical rave horn-blowing roller coaster ride around massive hip-hop beats, deep and deadly sub-bass and sweet reggae soul, voiced by the UK’s number one dancehall queen, Lady Chann, and this follow-up to the original release showcases the remix talents of two producers, one new to the fold, and one who is an original founder of the label.

First up, we have Tom Central from London’s Keep Up label, who has worked in collaboration with Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel DJ/VJ Cheeba to produce a remix that’s a bass-bumping, rump-shaking, infectious hiphop groove with enough low-end frequencies to sink a battleship. Cheeba steps up to drop slick, funky and clever cuts, letting us know that his pleasure…is your Leisure! Both excellent artists in their own right, we recommend you check out both the Keep Up label, and Cheeba’s work for Solid Steel – you’re guaranteed to like what you find.

The second remix comes from original Leisure co-founder James Lynden aka El Jay. Always an amazing DJ, and producer of some of the best bootlegs on the scene over the last few years, El Jay has finally turned his attention to the art of the remix. He does not disappoint, turning in an absolute monster, mashing up dubstep and drum & bass whilst retaining the feel and flow of the original.

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