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LEE FIELDS: It Rains Love (Vinyl 7″) + video

LEE FIELDS:  It Rains Love (Vinyl 7Veteran soul man Lee Fields is back already with new single It Rains Love, and as our Lee’ll tell you – when you do find that special person, you hang on to them because, “when you got someone…who really loves you…you got everything.” I think that calls for a song! A downtempo drum break maybe, some reflective instrumentation and that voice of course. Oohh – I know – and a video too. Lee would you like to direct this time? You would? Great – so how would you incarnate It Rains Love in audio-visual format? Start with you dropping wisdom on the mic yeah? Some guy (we’ll call him Danny Akalepse) leaving the building site and heading home to his missus who’s doing the housework? Well – the gender roles are a bit retro but let’s roll with it. Now same guy now in a suit heading up to a posh flat to see a female. Hold on a sec there Lee! Where this going? Oh I see! The woman is his missus again – and this is a flashback to when they had money! And you show them dancing the same dance in both to illustrate how love is less important than money. You big softie. Vinyl LP It Rains Love follows on 5 April this year.
(Out now on digital format/ Vinyl tbc on Big Crown Records)

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