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L’ECLAIR: Funky Splash b/w O Caminho Do Bem (Vinyl 7″)

L'ECLAIR:  Funky Splash b/w O Caminho Do Bem (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] Just like Lexsoul Dancemachine before them, L’Eclair emerge seemingly out of nowhere with a highly accomplished debut 45 release – their new Funky Splash 7″ which has nailed them the endorsement of no less a man than Poets Of Rhythm’s JJ Whitefield. And with good cause too, for this original track is certainly set to disturb the surface tension of the funky world. A super heavy groove it finds the nexus of 70s funk, afro and psychedelia all aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Flip that bad boy over and you get a sense of where the band draw at least some of their inspiration from with an equally hard-hitting cut – this time a cover Brazil-funk maestro Tim Maia’s O Caminho Do Bem. And truly, this Swiss-based band are following a righteous path. All that and so fresh-faced too – wonders will never cease.
(Out 21 September on Rocafort Records)

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