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LAURA VANE & THE VIPERTONES: Pictures (2014) + video

Pictures Laura Vane VipertonesNewness from Anglo-Dutch contemporary funk act Laura Vane & The Vipertones comes in the form of lead single Pictures from forthcoming LP Bodyquake. In it, Vane largely dispenses with limited conventional notions of rhyming lyrics and literally sings an account of what she’s done in the last couple of days. She drew a picture of you. She drew a picture of herself. She drew a mountain. The paper wasn’t big enough. She binned it. It started to bleed. Then – hang on a sec – the paper started to bleed? Yes, we’re in the realm of symbolism here my friends. And that’s not all. The PR has it that she begins the song with a sinister ‘scat.’ Good lord! Not in public surely? There’s websites for that sort of thing! All expectations to the contrary, this is significantly poppier than previous releases and suggests a bid for mainstream breakthrough. It’ll be interesting to see where the LP leads…
(Out now on iTunes)


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