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LAURA VANE & THE VIPERTONES: I Can’t Move No Mountains/ 110 Per Cent (Draikolk Remix) (2012)

Dutch/ English outfit Laura Vane & The Vipertones drop a disco-touched jazz-funk cover of seventies number I Can’t Move No Mountains for the new millennium. Originally performed by R&B/ big-band/psychedelia fusioneers Blood, Sweat & Tears and covered many times, you’d have to move a mountain to improve on Margie Joseph’s soul-disco version and even if Vane and co don’t manage this impossible task, they do manage to dislodge a respectable amount of scree. Over on the flip (for this is a vinyl seven inch release) you’ll find a nu-funky rerub of the band’s own 110 per cent by the band’s own bass player Ton Van der Kolk (a.k.a. Draaikolk) which they were pretty much obligated to do to restore honour after all the dodgy house versions that got entered in their remix comp. Honestly, if you want something done properly…
(Out now on Unique)

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