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LAURA LEE: Crumbs Off The Table (ROCKNROLLA SOUNDSYSTEM REMIX) (2015) Free download

Crumbs Off The Table Laura Lee Rocknrolla SoundsystemRocknrolla Soundsystem deliver once more as they take on 1972 cut Crumbs Off The Table from Chicago soul sister Laura Lee. Lee was well-known for exploring womens’ experiences and on this her lyrics address the inadequate amount of ‘lovin’ she was getting from her man – either because he was knackered from work or from having given his ‘lovin” to someone else. Or possibly both. Either way, Rocknrolla Soundsystem give it what I like to think of as their digital twelve inch treatment. And what better way, too, to pictorially capture the spirit of downtrodden sisters than with a picture of semi-naked, tattooed girl. Cop it below…

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