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LAKESHORE DRIVE: Living The Funk EP (2012)

Living the funk? James Brown lived the funk and frankly there was a fair amount of drugs, wife-beating and jail involved. I think it’s safe to assume however that Lakeshore Drive’s Living The Funk EP is a celebration of the music invented by the big man than the more questionable elements of his lifestyle. The title track is a tight little slice of programmed instrumental breakbeat funk with a nod to the JB’s and the merest hint of bass wobble. One remix comes from Omegaman who adds horns and slap bass for some elevation but it’s Aussie styler Tom Drummond who steals the show with his subtle ghetto funk rework (there’s four words you don’t often see together) with some well-judged synth bass and nifty ‘Where’s the party at?” vocal licks. It’s the very thing for managing that transition from head nod to ass drop. Also comes with extra track – low-key funky roller Disco Strut.
(Out 2 July on MustBeat Records)

Lakeshore Drive – Living The Funk (EP TEASER) by MustBeat Crew

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