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LADY WRAY: Underneath My Feet (2017)

[RATING: 5] The full MB review of Lady Wray‘s excellent Queen Alone LP from the autumn might have been lost in the ‘great MB server outtage of 2016‘ but that certainly doesn’t mean Ms Wray has been forgotten about at Monkeyboxing Towers especially when she puts out singles as good as Underneath My Feet – or Underneath My Feel as it is listed on the Big Crown Youtube page at the time of writing. The track finds Wray engaged in a love vendetta over the stomping lilt of the backing which alternates between sparse blues-rocky drums, bass and guitar on the verses and soaring keys and horns on the hook – sample lyric Now it’s your turn to suffer and weep/ I won’t be satisfied until you’re underneath my feet. Blimey – probably best to stay on the good side of Wray.
(Out 27 March on Big Crown)

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