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LACK OF AFRO: ‘One Way – Remixes & Rarities’ sampler (2012)

One way – Remixes & Rarities – Sampler is the five track taster for the full One way – Remixes & Rarities LP out at the end of next month. With it Lack Of Afro flies in the face of music tradition whereby instead of releasing the shitsack of filler which constitutes most artists’ idea of ‘remixes and rarities’ as they ‘fulfil contractual obligations’, he drops some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard off him. Rapper Herbal T (twin bro to Def Jam signing Wax) is back on On My Way for a beefy, latin-percussion-influenced banger about being a slave to the capricious whims of babies. No, really. Then there’s the dirty wah-wah funk and fatback drums of his remix of The Hot 8 Brass Band’s It’s Real, the latin percussion of Passive Aggressive and the ridiculous funky drums of death of the brand spanking new Daddy Brings His Game. Oh and there’s also the Supersoul Brand Nu remix which is LOA’s favourite. Because of the drums. Lack Of Afro then, all about the drums, the remixing and the rare shit. But mainly the drums. No soundcloud yet but have some classic LOA rarity shizzle Numero Seenko (which will appear on the full album) instead and listen to the album (including all sampler tracks) on the Kudos link.
(Out 2 April (digital), 9 April (wax), 30 April (full LP) on Freestyle

Listen to Lack Of Afro – One way – Remixes & Rarities – Sampler @ Kudos Records

Numero Seenko by Lack Of Afro

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