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LACK OF AFRO: I Got The Rhythm feat. ELLIOTT COLE/ All My Love feat. JULIET ASHBY (2016)

I Got The Rhythm LOA Ellioot Cole[RATING: 5] “Has anyone seen the rhythm?”
“Yeah – I think Lack Of Afro and Elliott Cole were seen making off with it.”

They certainly were – haring off up the road ahead of the pack. Adam Gibbons has returned with the lead single I Got The Rhythm off new LP Hello Baby and turns in a raw slice of retro soul groove edged with soul jazzy piano frills and topped with a genuinely sixties-sounding vocal from Elliott Cole – not as common as you might think on the retro soul scene. On the flip the strings come out for a more seventies-sounding soul mover featuring a sweet-as-honey Juliette Ashby vocal and providing the second of two excellent reasons to celebrate.
(Out now on LOA Records)

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