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LACK JEMMON: Lack Jemmon EP (2017)

LACK JEMMON:  Lack Jemmon EPLatest on vinyl 12″ from BBP is the Lack Jemmon EP. No guesses who that’s by. And so it is that the Hungarian pairing deliver a four-tracker for masses – quite literally actually as it kicks off with a remix of a certain ska-influenced pop tune by Simon Cowell puppet, Olly Murs. And if you thought that displayed formidable chutzpah, check the next tune which redefines the very concept of chutzpah with their mash-up of Bojangles by one ‘Mr Worldwide’ and ’91 hit Get Serious by Cut N Move. After that, they rein things in a bit for a heavy breaks version of Sookie Sookie with 90s pop rap and dancehall emcee trimmings – phew – but where to go next? Why – a bit of house, I think! Lack Jemmon then – now officially the most evil men in breakbeat! Fact.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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