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LACK JEMMON: Forbidden Treasures EP

LACK JEMMON:  Forbidden Treasures EP[RATING: 5] Everybody likes forbidden treasures and here are Lack Jemmon with three of them (and no half measures) as they make their debut on bass n breaks label Bombstrikes with monster EP – er – Forbidden Treasures. The first word that springs to mind is ‘nastayy’ and if you think that when you hear the 808s and horns of the opener and title track, it only intensifies with second cut Spirits which conjures nothing less than an image of a b-boy battle. Between kaiju. Closer Loops Of Prime, completes the journey towards funkiness by harnessing an old school funky breakbeat drum pattern to the sounds of laser-fire and earthquake-inducing bass. If you really must wobble, this is how it should be done.
(Out 13 April 2018 on Bombstrikes)

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