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LA MAMBANEGRA: Ma Parece Perfecto/ Barrio Caliente (2017)

[RATING:5] If you were paying attention back in November, there’s a strong chance you may have caught the latin heat of La Mambanegra‘s blistering twenty-first century take on 70s NYC salsa combining elements of funk and hip-hop in the shape of La Mamba Te Invita. Now, with album El Callegüeso y su Malamaña in the offing, the crew, who hail from Cali, Colombia, unleash two LP tracks – the full-on salsa funk of Me Parece Perfecto and the equally dope salsa hip-hop boom of Barrio Caliente. All of which bodes well for the LP – which is out, correctly, on wax on 3 March. Check back with the monkey for more details in the near future.
(Out now HERE)

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