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KUHJO: Habanera Swing/ Lazy Finley – 7” single – 2011

Mind your fingers when you pick up your copy of this since it’s hot in every way possible. And you will want a copy. Only to be available on limited 7”, what we have here is the mysterious Kuhjo’s grand entrance to the cheeky mash-up arena armed with some ridiculously heavy weaponry. Essentially a brace of obscure rap-toting bangers, one of them, Lazy Finley, finds Doug Lazy (Washington DC hip-house mover and shaker from back in the day) astride (unbeknownst to him) a heavy slice of b-boy breaks that alone would run shit on the dancefloor. And that’s just the B-side! On the A side lies the answer to the question of what might happen if you teamed vocals from the filthiest genre in hip-hop with the sultriest sound on the planet. Thus Habanera Swing, consists of Afro Rican, better known for the Miami Bass classic Give It All You Got (unknowingly) providing risqué rhymes about kinky sex over a genius slice of latin breaks. Trust me – it’s all about the horn(s). Schwing scwhing.
(Out 6 June on EDR Records)

EDR014 by Kuhjo

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