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KRASH SLAUGHTA: K.R.E.A M. b/w P.L.O. Style (Vinyl 7″)

KRASH SLAUGHTA: K.R.E.A M. b/w P.L.O. Style[RATING: 5] Sometimes things are so hot they burn a hole in your pocket. Like the new Krash Slaughta 45. Maybe people should put some C.R.E.A.M. on that or, more accurately, K.R.E.A.M.. Yes, that does stand for Krash Rules Everything Around Me (see what he did there?) – another superb Krash Slaughta outing and another superb outing for an evergreen Wu-Tang acapella over a pensive slice of dope guitar-led boom-bap. However, as is sometimes the case, the monkey’s money is on the B-side. Here, Krash provides Method Man’s P.L.O. Style with a heavy, horns-drenched, soul-based beat delivering a bona fide floor-filler that hits with the Buddha-fist style! This is strictly limited one-off vinyl run of seventy green and eighty black 45s and only ten of the green are left. Don’t sleep!
(Out now HERE)

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