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What with all the nufunk and ghetto funk around in the last couple of years it’s almost been like traditional funky b-boy breaks had taken a back seat on the funk-based breaks scene. Having said that, this year alone has seen big efforts from DJ Format, Hero 7 and Mash & Munkee and now Krash Slaughta too – a man who was doing it in Baghdad when lots of ghetto funkers were still in their dad’s bags. In possibly the shortest press release I’ve ever seen, the Bedop EP is described as,”itchy…scratchy…and catchy,” – props to Rocstar Recordings for that one. And it has to be said that the organ loops, scat vocals and big drum breaks of the title track are catchy enough to insert themselves more or less permanently into the frontal cortex creating a primal dancefloor itch to attempt the manoeuvres depicted on the cover on the title track. The other two are slightly more cerebral but demonstrate the scratchy part of the equation too. Job’s a good ‘un! Cop some extra free Krash Slaughta goodness in the shape of a freely downloadable mix he did as a podcast for HERE and finally, don’t forget that Krash Slaughta’s monster breaks and scratchfest Battlescratch Galactica from back in the autumn is still available – check second player below Bedop press guff.

(PRESS RELEASE) It’s itchy… And scratchy.. And …catchy!
Krash Slaughta – Bedop EP – Tracklist
2.Watch The Birdie

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