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KOOL KEITH feat. MARC LIVE & ICE T: The Formula

The Formula Kool Keith‘The Formula’ is the next musical missive from the Kool Keith camp in the run-up to the release of his Black Elvis 2 album. Given that he’s in the company of Marc Live and West Coast Gangsta-rap veteran, the one and only Ice-T, it’s probably fairly safe to assume this isn’t a track about processed baby milk. Mind you, it’s Keith so you never know. I like to imagine parents measuring out an appropriate amount of the stuff to the opening of this (“Pour out that formula! Pour it out!”) – or indeed the whole track – as their sleep-deprived brains make them fumble with bottles and lids. I bet Keith would get a wry kick out of that too if he’d thought of it first. If indeed this isn’t him thinking of it first of course. I know what you’re thinking though – ‘No way’ is this about baby milk with lyrics like Ice-T’s end of track couplet, “Rap snitches, all you niggas sound like bitches.” But babies on formula won’t understand or remember that will they though? Eh?
(Out now HERE)

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