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KOOL KEITH: Black Elvis 2 (Intro) Free download

KOOL KEITH:  Black Elvis 2 (Intro) Free downloadAnd it’s another welcome back to Kool Keith, whose Black Elvis 2 is in the offing. That would be the sequel to 1999’s Black Elvis album then in which Keith meditated variously on – well – being a black Elvis, the vagaries of space travel and being lost in space. Can we expect sci-fi pop cultural references and mention of women’s ‘panties’? Let’s just have a quick listen to Black Elvis 2‘s intro – helpfully titled Black Elvis 2 (Intro): “Left or right, blow it out, women throw their panties out/ Gigantor express big like a robot…” I think that’s conclusive. Yep that’s the Keith we know and love alright. The album follows on 16 June. Did I mention that this one is available as a free download in all it’s one minute and eight seconds of glory? What’s that Keith? “Yeah – drums!” Indeed.
(Out now HERE)

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