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KOOL HERTZ: Uberfly/ Chamelon Delight

KOOL HERTZ:  Uberfly/ Chamelon Delight Kool Hertz is back and revelling in old school influences with new drop Uberfly. Actually featuring two cuts, the title track is the one based around pieces of Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly over which are layered a heavy dancefloor drum break and more old school shout-outs and FX than you can shake a stick at. Meanwhile Chameleon Delight hacks up a certain Sugarhill hit, lifting that Latin break, a healthy chunk of the vocals and imagines that Sylvia Robinson’s house band purloined Herbie Hancock instead of Chic for the main beat with convincing results. Oh and there’s a cut n paste video too full of OG popping, locking and b-boying. You can practically smell the sweat in those Pumas.
(Out now on Suga & Butta Records)

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