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KOJAKE: Elefunk (2016)

Elefunk Jayl Funk KojakeWho loves ya baby? Well, if your name’s Kojake, you hail from Curitiba Brazil, specialise in slap-bassy, nu-disco business and are the man behind new label Nudiscool, the answer is all manner of remixers – among them Spiltmilk and Stephane Deschezeaux. Not names frequently bandied around MB, it’s true, but then that’ll be because of the house connection. And while disco did eventually branch off in a house direction on the one hand, let’s not forget a) where it came from (funk) and b) where it branched off to on the other hand – i.e. hip-hop. Step in the ever-reliable Jayl Funk (or should that be Jayl Trunk) with his funky old school breakbeat take on Elefunk punctuated by Dizzee Dustin shout-outs. Ladies say ‘Ow!’
(Out now on Nudiscool Records)

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