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KODOJA: Kaiju graphic novel with soundtrack Kickstarter campaign (2014)

Kodoja KickstarterIt’s those crazy funk/movie/comic fanboys the Hot Peas & Butta crew again. You know – the ones behind two Big Pimp Jones blaxploitation soundtracks to movies that don’t exist and two Kodoja ‘monster funk’ soundtracks to comics that do exist (plus the comics themselves) and now they’re back with a Kickstarter project for something so large it’ll make Godzilla look like a one of those little garden lizards. Is it a giant reptile? Is it a giant droid? Is it a giant bio droid hybrid? Er – well it is actually – or at least the monster Kodoja is. What these boys are now proposing is the publication of Kodoja as a big-ass hardback graphic novel! In a variety of extended packages! Which include the monster funk soundtrack! And extra art prints of – wait for it – monsters that aren’t in the comic. Blimey it’s kaiju/ mecha heaven! But as is always the case when giant monsters are involved time is running out. If you don’t get your shit together by the end of the month and pledge cold cash money – the whole project will be deader than a movie extra’s character crushed beneath the tennis court-sized foot of something with lazer eyes, a weird bulbous chin and a very bad attitude!

If you dig classic Gojira or dope monster artwork or Big Pimp Jones – or any combination of the above – this is one for you. Full details of the campaign HERE. Watch the promo vid. below…

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